The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Innovators

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According to Landry, the creative city is a place which contains both the hardware building, streets and areas and software thinkers, creators and implementers that can generate innovation and growth.

Should urban planning focus on creativity or amenity?

In The Rise of the Creative Class published in , author Richard Florida subsequently called these people the creative class to distinguish them from the service class, which performs administrative and clerical roles, and the working class, which performs what is left of the industrial economy. Florida argues that urban planning and governance policies intended to achieve growth should be focused on attracting the creative class talent, technology and tolerance through high-density development with a funky look and socially free areas, rather than mega cultural projects such as stadiums and entertainment centres.

While Florida's ideas have been embraced in the United States by urban planners and developers, they are subject to strong criticism on the basis that the creative class does not make cities successful; cities that are successful attract the creative class. In the Australian context, the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics concluded in its report, The evolution of Australian towns , that amenity including services housing, health, education and retailing , physical features natural landscape and climate and social character demographic, cultural and entertainment facilities have contributed to significant shifts in settlement patterns in the last 20 years.

Florida's prescriptions for urban planning and governance, therefore, should not be seen as the silver bullet to growth.

Charles Landry - Festival of the Future City - Festival of the Future City

Rather, they are a set of tools to develop the social character of a town, city or region which will improve its amenity and attractiveness to an increasingly mobile and wealthy population. This article is not specific legal or financial advice. Please seek your own legal or financial advice for any questions you may have.

All information contained in this article is subject to change.

Planning, infrastructure and environment. Home Insights Insights November Should urban planning focus on creativity or amenity? With his colleague Jonathan Hyams he recently designed a Creative City Index which is a strategic tool that measures, evaluates and assesses the innovative pulse of a city and its capacity to adapt to radical global shifts and adjustments.

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So far nearly 20 cities have part. Charles was born in and studied in Britain, Germany and Italy.

In he founded Comedia, a highly respected European consultancy working in creativity, culture and urban change. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Profile Articles Activity Charles Landry is an international authority on the use of imagination and creativity in urban change. Experience —present.

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