The 60-Second Referral: for Small Business Owners & Independent Professionals

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The group also encourages pitching, allowing members to practice any pitches they may have to other people in the group to gather feedback.

6 Reasons NOT to Join a BNI Group

Coffee With Dan is a place where entrepreneurs are encouraged to reach their goals by being themselves. It encompasses all things relating to hard work and getting the job done. Not for the faint-hearted, this group has a can-do attitude and is for anyone who is passionate, authentic, and wants to learn proactively. This group is focused on inspiring others, lifting spirits, and enabling growth. The community is all about helping entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

The Freelance to Freedom Project Community group is aimed at freelance entrepreneurs who want to share helpful knowledge and ask other members questions about entrepreneurship, freelancing, and other business-related topics. The group has a very relaxed feel to it and allows members to share blog posts, giveaways, social media handlers, and other personal business features on specific days.

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Facebook can be one of the most valuable educational tools available to you thanks to these types of groups, and the best part is that they are usually free. Murray Newlands writes at www. This article was written for Business 2 Community by Murray Newlands. Learn more about writing for B2C.

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  7. Webinars are effective learning tools, whether its filling in knowledge gaps, learning the. Fads are things that become popular one day and gone the next. The products and services that we loved yesterday are old news today… and obsolete tomorrow. It plays out in. Free Webcast: Your Baby is Ugly! Toggle navigation Business 2 Community.

    The advantages of employee referrals

    Facebook LinkedIn Flipboard 0. Author: Murray Newlands Murray Newlands writes at www. Discuss This Article. Add a Comment. Do the one on ones, and keep doing them, as I get more referrals for my one on ones, because there is only two of you there.

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    Dear Codger, My friend their is nothing free in this life. Yes there is Training, any job you get that is worth it, should have training, yes you pay to belong to BNI, but the free networking groups out there, the members come and go, as they wish, as they do not have any skin in the game. Yes Dr. This is minor expense, but do not join, unless you are willing to learn the BNI way and get involved. How many sales do you need to make up that. This is a Franchised Successful Business. I do not mind if the franchisee makes a good living, as mind does with Texas.

    If you help enough other people get what they want, then you will get what you want. What an incredibly negative post, clearly not written by an entrepreneur. I own an internet marketing company and we have grown exponentially thanks to our involvement in BNI. I will agree that your success will greatly vary due to the chapter you join but this article seems more about their own experience and not typical results.

    As a small business owner you owe it to yourself to approach all opportunities with an open mind and a positive attitude. Hi Kelly just wondering beauty and massage therapy business would benefit from BNI? I am invited to one of their meetings? I would be grateful if you could comment. You would do very well if you put in the effort to build relationships and trust with other members of that BNI chapter.

    Rejection Is a Gift

    If your business need to grow by referrals, please think possitive, find a green light BNI chapter or a green light BNI member, you can definitely get help. Hello everyone, a friend has been pushing me to join a bni network chapter. I just started to work in the sales and marketing division of our company.

    I work with a commercial insurance company. Would anyone recommend me joining for my type of work? If not what other groups or networks would you recommend? We have 2 insurance guys in our chapter and they do well. Generally most chapters will allow you to be a visitor 2 or 3 times so it will give you a little bit of a feel for the chapter as well as the structure. I attended my first meeting 3 years before I joined, and I wished I joined earlier.

    Not all chapters are the same. When I came off the road after 20 years of traveling to watch my kids grow, I was told to join a lead group. Ivan Misner, believes in Training and Education. If I were you I would go to your area website and dial up some other chapters and find someone in your profession and call them and asked them how they are doing in BNI.

    The 60 Second Referral

    I tell my new members to do that all the time. If you join your Chapter and do the work, learn the system and how to ASK for the referrals you truly want, by being specific so that you will be terrific. And then BNI keeps Giving. I have belonged to other free networking groups, but with no money in the game, then people come and go. In BNI, you can only miss 3 times without a substitute in a 6 months period.

    Coming up on B2C Webcasts

    Do you have a Sales meeting each week at your Company, and if you do not show up without excuse, what would happen. Givers Gain. People helping people seems like such a no brainer. Since then, I have learned more about people than I had in the previous 50 years. People who want to get, will do poorly in BNI unless they change. People who want to help others succeed will do well, provided they gain trust and educate the other members on good referrals.

    Yes, unfortunately there are people in BNI who have bad attitudes. Every organization has them. This article is short-sighted and needlessly negative. Hidden costs: Everyone is told what the costs are before they sign anything. Application fee one time , annual membership, and lunch costs if any. But most do if you have lunch. Our lunch buffet is good and we get the room at no extra cost. The weekly commitment is roughly two hours a week for the meeting including a one-to-one. As for serving on leadership? You neglected to mention two nice benefits to serving: 1 Leadership positions P,VP,ST annual dues are waived and 2 Leadership positions are highly visible, lending additional credibility and the business that comes with it to members who serve.

    A personal referrals cuts through advertising BS and disbelief like nothing else. What other advertising could possibly do that? And the knock-on effects are real, too. Some of my clients have never even heard of BNI, but I met them from a referral chain that started in my chapter. Like any endeavor to succeed in business, being in a chapter takes time and effort to nurture for success. BNI is simply a platform to facilitate the passing of business, nothing more and nothing less. They are a fake program. I have gotten more referrals from old customers then ever got from 6 months of BNI.

    As a visitor I was told free breakfast. Once I joined I was later told u have to pay…. Although you are accurate that there are business types that would not benefit much from joining, for those who do participate and are active members, the rewards can be very great indeed. There is absolutely no better way to grow a business than to leverage the power of Referral Marketing.