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Discourse Analysis Pragmatics Cognitive Science. Discuss this Review. Berenike Hermann and Tony Berber Sardinha aiming at investigating the role of metaphor in various kinds of specialist discourse. The volume comprises four main sections: Metaphor variation in specialist discourse, Metaphor in specific contexts, Metaphor in science writing and Metaphor and popularization. The contributions to this volume were selected from papers delivered at the Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference in Amsterdam. In the Introduction, the editors introduce the overall purpose, theoretical background and structure of the volume.

They put a strong emphasis on the importance of the empirical approach and naturally occurring data. Their main purpose is to focus on the topic of metaphor and discourse specialization. Bearing in mind that metaphor is difficult to identify in a reliable and accurate way especially in a specialized discourse setting, the editors claim that they have tried to maintain rigor and explicitness in metaphor identification on all applicable levels of analysis.

Sardinha finds a strong statistical association between the existing dimensions for English and metaphor use. The other two are novel metaphor-related dimensions that include metaphor in different degrees.

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Sardinha believes that these dimensions suggest that registers vary with respect to metaphor density and stance expression. In other words, metaphor density seems to be differently distributed across registers. Counseling vs. Berger argues that due to the differences in the audiences of the two genres, that is, their position at the expert-lay cline and their specific expectations of the discourse, there is a distinct pattern of metaphor use.

The author finds out that the metaphor use of psychology experts seems to be highly influenced by the discourse goal, the discourse structure and the discourse participants. They believe the analysis shows the contribution that figurative language analysis can make to a sociological analysis of thinking around contemporary issues.

This study analyzes linguistic and conceptual metaphors in two corpora of radio commentaries in English and German. In this article Simon Harrison approaches technical metaphor use on a multimodal level and discusses metaphor in gestures used on the work floor of a French salmon factory. The main aim of the study is to demonstrate that the gestures involved in technical communication were constrained to concrete reference p.

The author argues that the gesture forms observed in technical communication along the production line exhibit metonymic mappings within the source domain of raw materials, machinery and production processes, but lack metaphoric mappings to abstract target domains p. Identifying multi-dimensional patterns of variation across registers.

Krug and J. Friginal, Eric. Corpora 8. Gray, Bethany. Interview with Douglas Biber. A typology of English texts. Linguistics 51; year Jubilee Issue.

Linguistics Selected as the most influential article for the third decade of Linguistics, With new introductory comments by DB, pp. Being specific about historical change: The influence of sub-register. Biber, and A.

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Journal of English for Academic Purposes Lexical Frames in Academic Prose and Conversation. Pay attention to the phrasal structures: Going beyond T-units.

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Register as a predictor of linguistic variation. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory 8.

English Language and Linguistics Should we use characteristics of conversation to measure grammatical complexity in L2 writing development? Corpus linguistics and the study of literature: Back to the future? Scientific Study of Literature 1. Challenging stereotypes about academic writing: Complexity, elaboration, explicitness.

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  • Journal of English for Academic Purposes 9. A corpus-driven approach to formulaic language: Multi-word patterns in speech and writing. Lexical bundles in university spoken and written registers. English for Specific Purposes Stance in spoken and written university registers. Journal of English for Academic Purposes 5. Davies, J. Jones, and N.

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    Spoken and written register variation in Spanish: A multi-dimensional analysis. Corpora 1. Merging corpus linguistic and discourse analytic research goals: Discourse units in biology research articles.

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    Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory 1. Conrad, and V. If you look at…: Lexical bundles in university teaching and textbooks. Applied Linguistics Historical patterns for the grammatical marking of stance: A cross-register comparison. Journal of Historical Pragmatics 5. London: Sage. Volume One: Lexical Studies. Volume Two: Grammar. Volume Three: Varieties. Volume Four: Methods and Applications. Refereed Journal Articles since Egbert, J.

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