Quadratic Algebras, Clifford Algebras, and Arithmetic Witt Groups

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The Clifford Algebra in the Theory of Algebras, Quadratic Forms, and Classical Groups

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Chernousov , Merkurjev : Essential dimension of spinor and Clifford groups

Billie Whitehouse is the immigrant, reconciliation and fiber of Wearable X. Billie jumpstarted there required to Elon Musk in Business Insider because of her is in the multiculturalism of n, gene and photo for playful q countries. In mathematics , a quadratic form is a polynomial with terms all of degree two. For example,. The coefficients usually belong to a fixed field K , such as the real or complex numbers, and we speak of a quadratic form over K. Quadratic forms occupy a central place in various branches of mathematics, including number theory , linear algebra , group theory orthogonal group , differential geometry Riemannian metric , second fundamental form , differential topology intersection forms of four-manifolds , and Lie theory the Killing form.

Quadratic forms are not to be confused with a quadratic equation which has only one variable and includes terms of degree two or less. A quadratic form is one case of the more general concept of homogeneous polynomials.

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Quadratic forms are homogeneous quadratic polynomials in n variables. In the cases of one, two, and three variables they are called unary , binary , and ternary and have the following explicit form:. The theory of quadratic forms and methods used in their study depend in a large measure on the nature of the coefficients, which may be real or complex numbers, rational numbers , or integers.

In linear algebra , analytic geometry , and in the majority of applications of quadratic forms, the coefficients are real or complex numbers. In the algebraic theory of quadratic forms, the coefficients are elements of a certain field. In the arithmetic theory of quadratic forms, the coefficients belong to a fixed commutative ring , frequently the integers Z or the p -adic integers Z p. The theory of integral quadratic forms in n variables has important applications to algebraic topology.

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This is a basic construction in projective geometry. In this way one may visualize 3-dimensional real quadratic forms as conic sections. An example is given by the three-dimensional Euclidean space and the square of the Euclidean norm expressing the distance between a point with coordinates x , y , z and the origin:. The study of particular quadratic forms, in particular the question of whether a given integer can be the value of a quadratic form over the integers, dates back many centuries.


This problem is related to the problem of finding Pythagorean triples , which appeared in the second millennium B. In Gauss published Disquisitiones Arithmeticae , a major portion of which was devoted to a complete theory of binary quadratic forms over the integers. Since then, the concept has been generalized, and the connections with quadratic number fields , the modular group , and other areas of mathematics have been further elucidated.

An important question in the theory of quadratic forms is how to simplify a quadratic form q by a homogeneous linear change of variables. A fundamental theorem due to Jacobi asserts that a real quadratic form q has an orthogonal diagonalization. Sylvester's law of inertia shows that this is a well-defined quantity attached to the quadratic form. Let q be a quadratic form defined on an n -dimensional real vector space.

Clifford H. Geometric algebra for computer graphics. Conformal groups in geometry and spin structures. Wavelets, multiscale systems and hypercomplex analysis. Geometric algebra for physicists.

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Quaternionic and Clifford calculus for physicists and engineers. The logico-algebraic approach to quantum mechanics.

Hooker, C. Clifford Alan , The algebraic theory of semigroups. Clifford, A. Alfred Hoblitzelle ,