Code Generation with Roslyn

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Advantages/disadvantages of each:

NET , Roslyn edit. There are mainly two end usages: The interface IScriptOutput is a tiny abstraction used by the engine to write a string to an output, that can be implemented by a StreamWriter, or a StringBuilder, or whatever. OpenSolutionAsync "..

GetFileName p. GetSemanticModel tree. Write and all ScriptNode. GetDeclaredSymbol interfaceDecl ; if interfaceType! GetDeclaredSymbol methodDeclaration ; if visited. GetDeclaredSymbol methodDeclaration ; if! Clear ; while methods. Pop ; if!

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FindCallersAsync method, solution ; foreach var referencer in finds. CallingSymbol; methods. Push methodOverride. FindNode invokeLocation.

Parsing Line by Line

SourceSpan ; while invoke! ReceiverType; if declaredSymbol. TryGetValue callingMethodSymbol. ReceiverType ; classGraph. Add callingMethodSymbol. ReceiverType, classToTransform ; callerTypes.

WithIdentifier Identifier method. WithModifiers method.

Code Generation With Roslyn: A Skeleton Class From UML

Add Token SyntaxKind. Very verbose.

Very difficult to debug: Visual Studio will not show you IL for dynamic methods, they are represented as an opaque Lightweight Function entry in the stack trace view. Using Roslyn or some other API to generate C syntax trees or source code and compile it either at runtime or when the target project is built. Easy access to all C language features. Supported on AOT-only platforms, since output is C code which can be compiled. Well supported: it's the C compiler, it's not going away or being deprecated any time soon.

Note: to support runtime code generationn you need to include Roslyn with your app, which can add around 6MB to your distribution. Microsoft Orleans uses the latter two approaches: IL and Roslyn.

It uses Roslyn wherever possible, since it allows for easy access to C language features like async and since it's easy to comprehend both the code generator and the generated code. Otherwise, IL generation is used for two things:.

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Regardless of which technology a library makes use of, code generation typically involves two phases:. The two phases can be merged for simple code generators. Orleans uses two phases. In phase 1, the input assembly is scanned and metadata is collected for types matching various criteria: Grain classes, Grain interfaces, serializable types, and custom serializer registrations. In phase 2, support classes are generated.

Writing a visual studio extension for code generation with roslyn

That's enough for now. Maybe next time we'll take a look at writing that hypothetical deep cloning library using IL generation. After that, we can take a look at a serialization library I've been working on which uses Roslyn for both metadata collection and syntax generation. If either of those things are interesting to you, let me know here or on Twitter. Next Post:. Toggle navigation reublog. Archive Tags. Kinds of Code Generation The 3 code gen methods for.

IL Generation Using Reflection. Syntax Generation Using Roslyn or some other API to generate C syntax trees or source code and compile it either at runtime or when the target project is built. Otherwise, IL generation is used for two things: Generating code at runtime.